Hotels & Resorts, An Investor’s Guide – Sample Download

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With the release of the new book “Hotels & Resorts; An Investor’s Guide”, the author David Harper, with contributions from many of the industry’s leading experts, including Mark Martinovic and Trevor Ward, has provided an invaluable source of reference for all of those involved in the hospitality industry. The publishers have provided a sample of the book which can be downloaded here.

Hotels & Resorts, An Investor’s Guide – Sample Download

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  1. We are seeking funding for the Designing and Redevelopment to include but not limited to expansion and remodeling of an exiting 120- bed located at the Shai Hills Wildlife Resource Reserve in Ghana to a 200 beds, 3-Star Hotel comprising of a 4,000seater multi-purpose Conference halls, Restaurants & Bars, Night Club, Casino, mini Shopping mall and Arts & Craft village.

    20 unit, mixed development 2-bedroom upscale apartment, 400- bed low-budget hostel facilities for educational, social and religious group excursion & tour, key staff quarters, a hospitality & tourism professional training center, an In- door & Out-door recreational facilities including but not limited to Water park , Aquarium, Swimming pools, Tennis & Squash courts, health Spa & Clinic, Soccer pitch/ Convention ground.

    30 bed Eco-lodge complete with watching/viewing bay within the Wildlife resource reserve.
    The Bay will consist of resting louche & Snack bar, wash/restrooms, viewing corridor/post and a fleet of gas or electric powered tourist van/jeep etc. to be used within the wildlife reserve to protect our guest from any potential harm as well as reduce environmental pollution.

    An in house Police & Fire posts for security purpose, a steel overhead pedestrian bridge (modeled on Adomi bridge concept) to link the Resort and the Watching/viewing Bay within the wildlife resource reserve.

    We believe we will be profitable within fifteen (15) years of operation because the hotel will adopt and employ the best marketing strategies to meet the expectations, demands and needs of all categories of prospective patrons (guests, tourists and institutions) to drive profit upward.

    We would be very grateful if your could identify a partner, investor us or provide the required funds to promote sustainable ecotourism and improve socio-economic and cultural activities of both the communities and Ghana as a whole.

    Looking forward to your positive response.

    Dennis CAESAR
    (Group CEO/Project Developer)

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