Market Research & Feasibility

When planning to construct a hotel, expert advice is essential. The market and financial feasibility study is the very first step in the process after securing the site, and at Hotel Partners Africa we specialise in the preparation of such studies.

There are five main reasons to carry out a feasibility study: first, to ensure full understanding of the risks and rewards of the project; second, to determine the most appropriate facility provision for a given site and market; third, to brief the architect as to what the market requires in terms of facilities; fourth, to attract the attention of an operator and form the basis for contract negotiation; and fifth, to support submissions to debt and equity providers.

Sourcing of Funding

It is not possible to purchase a development opportunity or hotel without suitable funding in place. We have unrivalled access to various sources of funding to buy or develop hotels, including:


To secure finance it is essential to ensure that the project is sound, and this is where a valuation is vital. Bank funding is usually predicated upon loan-to-value ratios and the ability to make scheduled repayments. We can provide formal secured lending valuations, stock market valuations and more informal internal valuations.

Our team has carried out valuations for several banks who are active in funding hotels. We also provide advice to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (the valuers’ governing body in the UK) on how hotel valuations should be carried out.

Operator Selection & Negotiation

The hotel operator should ideally be engaged early on in the development process, in order that they have input to the concept and detailed design. In addition, sources of funding will want to know who is to operate the proposed hotel – some will not lend or invest unless an international operator has been engaged.

The appointment of the correct operator for your project can enhance your financial returns and thus the value of your hotel. The owner / operator relationship is a long term one and needs to be effective and mutually beneficial.

We have excellent relationships with all of the international and regional (African) hotel operators, and have worked with most of them on projects across the continent.

Development Management

When assessing the value of a site, it is critical to review the likely completed value. At Hotel Partners Africa we look at all the costs involved in construction to determine the project’s viability. We have a team of experts who can analyse the likely cost, as well as review designs, to ensure the most cost-effective method of construction is adopted. Our development and technical services are delivered by a team of in-house development managers and hotel professionals who draw on their collective expertise to ensure that schemes meet the relevant functional, legislative and standards’ requirements. We also ensure alignment with operators’ brand standards.

Hotel Partners Africa provides complete development management services, from contract negotiation to handover of the finished hotel. Our services have been refined over 25 years in the business. Our professional teams: provide advice and recommendations; handle negotiations; co-ordinate projects; assess and report on programme and quality; provide co-ordination points between the operator’s requirements and all other services; oversee design and finishes; manage contractual conditions; and manage the budget from inception to completion.

Procurement & Installation

The strength of our procurement services is a reflection of the relationships we have with key global manufacturers and suppliers. As a result, we cut out the middle man to contain costs and elevate quality. We manage the entire process of procuring furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies & equipment (OS&E), ensuring we achieve both the intended visual identity and the operator’s brand standards.

Our project teams: receive and install all FF&E in the correct locations, with strict attention to the design specifications; undertake initial testing; train staff on the utilization of equipment; and prepare asset registers.

Hotel Asset Management

When asked by clients to help enhance their investments, our role is to help maximise the operating return and long-term asset value on behalf of the owner, by undertaking property, operational and budget reviews, ensuring contract compliance, sales and marketing reviews and planning, reviewing and monitoring capital expenditure.

We also review the hotel operational structure, negotiate contracts, find new operators, undertake rent reviews, and look at development / expansion options on an on-going basis.

Warehousing & Logistics

We use an automated tracking, inventory, warehouse and freight management system to ensure that all shipments arrive on site when they are needed. We act as your import agent, taking care of the freight clearing and forwarding, paperwork, packaging, routing and storage. We are also a registered SADC importer and exporter so you can take advantage of preferential rates when shipping from and to the region. This consolidated approach means that you can save money and time, and avoid costly delays.

Installation & Handover

Our project teams receive and install all furniture, fittings and equipment in the correct locations, with unfailing attention to the design specifications. This includes checking the inventory; positioning furniture; hanging all artworks; performing minor repair work as necessary; fine-tuning the communication systems; testing service equipment; ‘burning in’ kitchen equipment; training staff in equipment operations; and preparing asset registers for the entire development.

Once we have completed a full snag list and resolved every item on that list, we hand you the keys and add your name to our growing list of satisfied clients.

Investment Enhancement

To assist clients to enhance the value of their investments, we can work to maximize the operating return and long-term asset value by undertaking the following:

  • Property, operational and budget reviews;
  • Ensuring contract compliance;
  • Sales and marketing reviews;
  • Planning, review and monitoring of capital expenditure.

We also review the hotel operational structure, renegotiate contracts, find new operators where required, undertake rent reviews, and look at development/expansion options.


At some stage, it is likely every owner will consider disposing of even the finest hotel. We recommend early in the ownership process consideration of the likely programme for disposal, to ensure the right strategies are put into place. We can provide strategic ownership advice, and, at the right moment, will help to dispose of the asset in the most productive way, to suit the owner’s investment goals.

Our team has an excellent track record of hotel disposals globally, generating exceptional sales prices from our comprehensive network of hotel investors from around the world.

Talent Acquisition

The importance of sourcing suitable, passionate, talented and experienced staff from executive and management level and throughout the entire organisation, who can add the most value to the business and its guests, forms the basis upon which we approach our talent acquisition process. Culture and attitude play a key role in the identification of these individuals, coupled with working very closely with our clients to understand their objectives, company culture and environment so as to ensure good staff morale, high levels of service and low staff turnover.